Differences between Kilimanjaro routes, nature trails machame

Kilimanjaro routes, machame trail etc
Unique differences between Mount Kilimanjaro trails

Mount Kilimanjaro trails are well known as Kilimanjaro routes

Each Kilimanjaro route has unique geographical features. The Volcano and wonderful Kilimanjaro features on these natural trails are: Umbwe Route is the most difficult of all Kilimanjaro routes and yet is the most spectacular. The Marangu Route has the Horombo Huts w which are also shared by Rongai Route as basecamp. The Machame Route is moderate difficult during summit day, however has best easier trekking terrain.

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Volcano Crater Kilimanjaro is wonderful Camp to overnight, only place to access bench like glacier on Kilimanjaro. Machame route and Lemosho route are suitable Kilimanjaro trails to ascend and reach Crater camp. Adventure packages can be 7 days Machame route or 8 days Lemosho trail.


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