The ARTIK came about one night when my daughter came home with an assignment to do a school project to make a kaleidoscope out of some household materials.  I volunteered to help her make it using materials that I thought SHE SHOULD use instead of the household items from the crude list.  She said No, she wanted to stick to the teacher's list.

And I said, NO, too.  And told her I will make MY OWN.

So it came about that I scoured for some interesting materials locally and made my first ARTIK on the 31st day of March, 2012.

The ARTIK is a handmade kaleidoscope with the beads carefully and proudly handpicked by the artist (myself) from a local beads store.  It is a step-by-step process in handmaking the scope, it is creatively adorned with a print of my paintings (there's lot of images In the inventory I tell you). 

There is a "science" ,in a way, of making the kaleidoscope to create what it is now - that I think a machine cannot handle in a personal way.

There is a personal touch to the ARTIK.  It is MY TOUCH.  It can be YOUR TOUCH.  The way I want it.  The way YOU want it.

That's what makes THE ARTIK diferent from the rest.

Made by Jun Jamosmos
(this is my website for my fineart works: www.junjamosmos.com)


The ARTIK Prototype

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