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Lady Freya's Forest House What-Nots

Business directory :: Lady Freya's Forest House What-Nots

Discover the unusual, mystical and mundane: books and stones, herbs and hand crafted arts. Be astounded at the wealth of What-Nots!

 Lady Freya's Forest House What-Nots


Forest House What-Nots 
Because there is always interest in the mystical, metaphysical and enticing The Forest House What-Nots was founded to gather and share items and ideas with seekers, collectors and pilgrims of all kinds. We hope to keep the excitement of seeking out curiosities alive in all seekers, to provide "Aha" moments for collectors with the items we find to sell and enlightening direction for the tireless pilgrims between worlds. We too are seekers and pilgrims in the Forest House. Our products are any What-not that tugs at our notice!


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140 E.Stetson Ave
Hemet, CA 92543
United States


Products 8 items
Precious What-Nots Here you will find an assortment of mystical objects: crystals, stone skulls of different sizes and stones and object d'art to titilate your imagination and send your spirit soaring!!
Ex Libra: The Library Books, books, books of all sorts. Real paper, page turning books that never fail you because the battery needs charging. Enrich your mind, gain knowledge so wisdom may come in His time!
Unique,Wild and Wonderful WANDS  YouYwill find hand created wands for the discerning and courageous Seeker here. From wands with sculpted handles to carved, polished and painted Wands Large and small.
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