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Ruth Tiger The Away Place

Business directory :: Ruth Tiger The Away Place

The Away Place, how John, a man with Down Syndrome who has always lived in an institution finds a life and family in the Away Place.

Ruth Tiger The Away Place


Ruth Tiger The Away Place 
I am the author of The Away Place, a story based on my many years working with individuals with disabilities. Over my career in special education, I had the unique experience of living adjacent to a group home and working in an experimental day program for severely disabled deinstitutionalized adults, both of which led to the writing of The Away Place. I worked as a Speech-Language Pathologist, a Program Specialist in the public schools in Tacoma, Washington and am now the principal of an all-preschool Early Learning Center. In addition to my career and family--I am the proud parent of 2 children and 2 grandchildren--I love to travel with my husband who is also my best friend. We have had the privilege of traveling to Europe several times, Israel,...


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316 N Stadium Way
Tacoma, WA 98403
United States


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New versions available
The Away Place is now available in soft cover and Kindle versions, and other e-book formats. The Kindle version is $9.99 on Amazon.

I have several new reviews on my Amazon author site. Check them out. Thanks to Laura Matson, Alec Clayton, Connie Connally, Lauretta Davies, Shirley Fink.

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