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Shepard Arts

Business directory :: Shepard Arts

Shepard Arts is a decorative arts business owned by Alan and Janet Shepard offering a wide variety of artistic services from decorative wall finishes and murals to commissioned works of art for individuals and businesses

Shepard Arts


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1302 Richmond Rd
Edmond, OK 73034
United States


Decorative Finishes The world of decorative wall treatments and faux painting continues to grow and change offering the client an ever broadening range of ways to make walls works of art. Shepard Arts specializes in hand crafted treatments that are truly unique. Our stencils are often personally designed and fabricated by Shepard Arts for your project.
Decorative Art  Traditional vignettes like vines flowing out of or around an old weathered sconce or contemporary treatments like architectural or graphic designs make up the repertoire of decorative art offered by Shepard Arts These are some decorative vignettes Janet and Alan Shepard have painted on the walls of the homes in which they have worked. These accents are found throughout the home: in kitchens, bathrooms, master suites and living areas.
Children's Rooms  Shepard Arts has made many children's rooms special retreats decorated with a child's special imagery. Our children's room projects have ranged from elaborate projects (such as the "Alladin" room to the left) to simple,but effective vignettes..
Ceilings and Domes Much of the art we do in homes takes place on ceilings and domes. Ceilings, both flat and curved, offer an opportunity to add interest and drama to a room. Skies are one of our favorite things to paint .
Portraits We offer portraits in a variety of media including oil, acrylic, charcoal and watercolor. Here are a several samples of the portraits we have created for our clients. As you can see, our portraits can be whimsical or traditional, depending on your taste.
Trompe l'oeil Trompe l'oeil , a way of painting designed to create a highly three dimensional effect, is one of our favorite forms of decorative art. Each painting is unique and personally suited to the taste of the client and the style of the home in which we are working. Trompe l'oeil enhances the spatial sense of living spaces and creates unique focal points throughout the home.
Murals Shepard Arts has created murals for dining rooms, domes, stairwells, bedrooms, recreation rooms, bathrooms and even for floors of homes.
Commercial Projects In addition to homes, Shepard Arts has done a number of projects for churches and businesses giving each a distinctive and memorable look.
Painted Furniture & Floor Cloths Whether it is giving an old piece new life or creating something new. Shepard Arts employs art and decorative finishes to furniture and other objects to create original and memorable pieces of art.
Studio Projects In addition to portraits, we offer a number of products produced in our studios. These include oil reproductions as well as a number of other kinds of commissioned paintings. These works are completed in our studios to the specifications of each client.
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