I am the author of The Away Place, a story based on my many years working with individuals with disabilities. Over my career in special education, I had the unique experience of living adjacent to a group home and working in an experimental day program for severely disabled deinstitutionalized adults, both of which led to the writing of The Away Place. I worked as a Speech-Language Pathologist, a Program Specialist in the public schools in Tacoma, Washington and am now the principal of an all-preschool Early Learning Center.  

In addition to my  career and family--I am the proud parent of 2 children and 2 grandchildren--I love to travel with my husband who is also my best friend. We have had the privilege of traveling to Europe several times, Israel, Guatemala, and Southeast Asia, but it was during my travels to Norway I became inspired to  write a story about the plague. While there connecting with long-lost relatives I was told family legends from the time of the plague in the 1300's. This fascinated me, of course, and I began to do research of that time period. A short story turned into the seeds of a novel as I became more intrigued with the history and stories of survival from that devastating period of European history. The novel, Signs of Life, is in revision..


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