In addition to my career and wonderful family, I have had the privilege of traveling to many amazing places around the world. It was during my travels to Norway that I became inspired to write my second book. There I connected with Norwegian relatives who told me two family legends, one from the time of the plague in 1349, and one from the 1500's. These fascinated me and I began to research Norwegian history. A medieval short story I wrote evolved into the seeds of a novel. I decided to combine the two family stories into one novel, The Moon Turned to Blood.

The Away Place was my first book, a story based on my many years working with individuals with disabilities. Over my career in special education, I had the unique experience of living adjacent to a group home and working in an experimental day program for severely disabled deinstitutionalized adults, both of which led to the writing of The Away Place

I worked as a Speech-Language Pathologist, a Program Specialist, and Assistant Director (building administrator) of a newly build Early Learning Center in Tacoma, Washington. I retired in 2016 to write and travel.


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