I am currently working on a book, untitled, set in the 1300's in Norway during the time of the first plague. I am perhaps 1/3 of the way through, though will have to do major revisions following my trip this summer to Norway to do research for the book. My son, Aaron and I had the privilege of touring Oslo and Bergen, but more importantly following the Viking Road in western Norway and driving up the Numedal Valley to visit well-preserved medieval farms and stave churches. Thanks to my wonderful cousins, Petter, Evelyn, and Solfrid for driving and accompanying me and helping us find off-the-beaten track historical sites! We saw farm buildings from the 1300's, stave churches from the 1100's, and Viking burial sites including an ancient site from the 400's where large stones were set out in the shape of Viking ships. We also saw the mounds where 2 full-size Viking burial ships were excavated and now reside in the Viking Ship museum. My travels have given me a much deeper insight into the lives and times of my new book's characters, and I can now follow their path with far more clarity. I have a lot of work to do!


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