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I am so proud of you Sister!
-- Carolyn Westberg, 1/11/14

The Away Place, What an interesting book. I used to care for people in a Foster Care Home as well. And also Seniors through Senior and Disabled Services in Eugene, Springfield Area.
-- Sandy Maricle, 8/27/10

Best book I have read in 5 years. Should be on the best seller's list. Can hardly wait for you next book.
-- Shirley Fink, 7/17/10

Ruth, I remember you as a very committed student at the U of O, we used to study together. I am delighted to find you via the recent Alumni magazine. Congratulations on your book. I will have to read it. You look as I remember, great. Hope to connect soon. Carolyn Grant
-- Carolyn Grant, 3/23/10

Congratulations Ruth! Loved the book!
-- Barbara Davidson, 1/25/10

Congratulations, Ruthie. I look forward to reading your book - a magnificent accomplishment. You and I have similar interests and professions. I enjoyed working with my little kids who had Autism. Good Luck on this book and the others in process. Linda
-- Linda Tiger, 11/6/09

Ruth, I am so excited for you! Congrats on finishing and more - on telling your story. I remember you talking about this, back when your children and I were all in high school. Way to go, I'm excited to read this!!
-- Meredith, 10/13/09

Hurray for you!!! I'm just sitting here writing my own novel...and about to order yours. I'm so thankful for your diligence to bring to fruition your giftedness. Can't wait to read it!
-- Lane, 10/3/09

I can't wait to read the book!! What an accomplishment, Ruth. I remember you talking about the book all the way back in grad. school. As the smartest one in the group, I knew you would accomplish your dream. By the way, you look wonderful in the photo! Hugs to Alan
-- Linda Saucier, 10/3/09

Wow! Congrats Ruth! Good for you. I enjoyed reading about the author..and look forward to reading your book. So proud you must be! Way to go.
-- Becky Kristovich, 10/2/09

Can't wait to get the book! Loved reading your manuscript. It brought back a lot of memories. You have a gift, girl. Keep on writing!
-- Rhonda & Kerry, 9/30/09

Great story! I loved it all the way to the end. When is your next book coming out? Gary
-- Gary Davidson, 9/29/09

Hey Ruth! I look forward to reading your novel. Best to you and Alan.
-- Steve Murray, 9/29/09

Congratulations Ruth on getting this book published. You look so much like your Mom and she would be so proud of you! God Bless!
-- Meg Olson, 9/29/09

Wow! a real author in the family. congratulations. We are really proud of you. The book will resonate with us especially because we have our dear son in a group home here in MA, and doing very well there too. Love to you all. come to visit.
-- Annette Hanson, 9/29/09

I am so excited for you! I look forward to reading it. Way to go, Ruth.
-- Lisa Duke, 9/29/09

Excellent, we celebrate your accomplishment!!!!
-- Ardel & Lois Sheffield, 9/29/09

Congratulations Ruth! We look forward to reading your book........knew you'd do it! Love, David and Lynn
-- David And Lynn Chase, 9/29/09

Marhaba wa kiffik inti, Ruth? Alf mabrouk! Allah y-salmik.
-- Ran Owyang, 9/29/09