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Our mission

In today's world an internet presence is more important than ever yet the technology for creating and hosting a website still eludes many due to its complexity and cost. Zhibit LLC was founded on the simple premise of empowering people to create a website as inexpensively and as easily as possible. We know you want to concentrate on what you do best; not worry about designing your website, nor pay through the teeth to have a web designer do it for you.

Our story

Zhibit LLC was founded in 2005 with the intent of providing artists with high quality hosted websites at affordable prices. The concept was to create an online service so easy to use, that anyone, including those with no web development skills, would be able to create websites on their own. Soon enough was launched and today the site is the home on the web for a vibrant and ever growing community of artists.

By 2008 it became apparent that the same technology that had been benefiting artists for three years was now ready to address the more demanding needs of the small business community. Consequently, was launched.

And the rest is history...

Today Zhibit LLC remains a small shop. We believe it puts us in a position to be on your side rather than on that of a large corporation. We are attentive to what small businesses need because we are a small business ourselves. The services we offer on are the same ones we'd like to see ourselves.

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