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Subscription plans

Zhibit.biz offers some of the lowest rates in the industry with no setup fees, no cancellation fees, no hidden charges and no contract. With subscription plans that start as low as a few dollars a month, and backed by our 30-day money back guarantee, we're confident you'll find one that fits your needs.

Zhibit.biz offers some of the lowest subscription rates in the industry. Use your PayPal account or major credit card to pay monthly, or prepay for a year and save.SubscriptionFREE
(save $11)
(save $19)
(save $25)
(save $31)
There is no upfront setup fee to get started with Zhibit.biz.Setup fee$0$0$0$0$0
We don't charge you for your work; only for ours. This means that Zhibit.biz does not charge a commission when you sell through your website, but instead only a flat fee for the service of putting it online.Transaction fee0%0%0%0%0%
Website hosting
There's a limit to the amount of data, including text and images, that you can store on your account at any given time. Typically, 1 MB is enough to store 3 images or 250 pages of text. You are always free to remove old content to make room for new.Storage space200 MB1,000 MB2,000 MB4,000 MB6,000 MB
Visitors of your website are typically presented with scaled down versions of your images to make them fit in a browser window. Some plans allow your visitors to zoom in and view the full-sized, high resolution images.High resolution images
While no method can fully guarantee that your images will not be copied or duplicated, Zhibit.biz employs various technical means to protect your copyright in the work you upload to the site.Copyright protection
When you connect a privately owned domain name to Zhibit.biz you designate our systems to serve all requests to it. When visitors navigate their browser to your domain, our servers will respond while obscuring our domain name from the browser's address bar. Domain names must be registered separately and additional costs may be involved.Domain name aliasing
Embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo directly inside your Zhibit.biz website pages.Video
Embed snippets of HTML code from third party websites inside your Zhibit.biz website pages.Code mashup
The download center is like an online folder where you can store files of any kind and share them with the visitors of your website.Download center
Link your Google AdSense for Content account to display online ads on your website and earn the revenue they generate.Ads
With white labeling you can remove all mention of Zhibit.biz's brand from your website.White label
Web traffic
When you publish your website on Zhibit.biz we automatically submit its sitemap to all the major search engines to get it crawled and indexed as soon as possible.Search engine placement
All websites hosted on Zhibit.biz are submitted to, and periodically crawled by, the major search engines. Zhibit.biz employs extensive search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to improve the ranking of your website and increase the chances that it will be discovered through web searches.SEO
Zhibit.biz's directory lists subscriber websites cross sectioned by geography or categories and allows for the discovery of your website through Zhibit.biz's global site search and home page.Directory listing
Blog pinging is a technique that automatically notifies blog indexing services of new blog entries, thus maximizing the exposure of your blog and consequently your website.Automatic blog pinging
RSS syndication is a method of sharing and broadcasting content from a website. It enables your site's visitors, using an RSS news reader, to subscribe to, and be notified of, changes to your site.RSS syndication
Link your third-party site analytics account with Zhibit.biz to analyze how visitors interact with your website.Site analytics
Zhibit.biz's Marketplace lists all items placed for sale on Zhibit.biz and allows for the discovery of such items through Zhibit.biz's global marketplace search.Marketplace listing
Link your PayPal business account with Zhibit.biz and allow your website's visitors to purchase items directly online.Online sales with PayPal
Manage the inventory of items you place for sale on Zhibit.biz, from a one of a kind item to unlimited, reproducible items. The inventroy of items that sell is automatically updated and any items that sell out are automatically taken off sale.Inventory management
A shopping cart allows buyers to aggregate multiple items into a single order and to commit one large purchase. Without a shopping cart, buyers may only purchase one item at a time.Shopping cart
Price formulas give you finer control over the pricing of your items by letting you break them into features and price each individually based on the buyer's choice. Price formulas also group similar items together so that a price change is reflected in all associated items at the same time.Price formulas
Search in-site is like a search engine that is internal to your website. It allows buyers to more quickly find what they're looking for.Search in-site
Websites hosted on Zhibit.biz integrate with Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and AddThis to facilitate the saving, tagging and sharing of your web pages.Social sharing
Blogs are the web's version of diaries and are best to express thoughts or to publicize topics that you care about.Blog
Zhibit.biz's guestbook manages your mailing list in accordance with industry norms, including subscription (on an opt-in basis) and email address verification.Guestbook
Zhibit.biz will automatically mail your guests once a month a newsletter summarizing the latest updates to your website.Guest newsletter
Compose and send out custom email messages to your guests at any time (frequency limitations apply).Guest bulletins
Comments are very useful for collecting short, on-the-go feedback from visitors who often don't wish to send a complete message by email. Collect feedback from your visitors in the form of comments on every page of your website.Comments and feedback
Uptime statistics are based on historical data and do not constitute a future guarantee nor an SLA.Uptime99.9%99.9%99.9%99.9%99.9%
Whether your site is visited by one or one hundred people a day, unlimited data transfer is included with all subscription plans.Data transferUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Zhibit.biz's network is connected to the world's largest backbone providers ensuring responsive and reliable connectivity regardless of where your audience resides.Ultra high speed network
Zhibit.biz is backed up daily in case of unforseen major problems. That being said, accounts cannot be restored on an individual basis and you are advised to back up your own data.Daily backups
Zhibit.biz employs several techniques intended to reduce the chance that spammers will get a hold of your personal information or graffiti your website. Some of these techniques, such as the CAPTCHA, are visible, while others operate behind the scenes.Anti-spam measures

0% transaction fee

One principle that's been paramount to us in the pricing model of Zhibit.biz is that we don't charge you for your work; only for ours. This means that Zhibit LLC does not charge commissions for online sales, but instead only a flat fee for the service of hosting your website.

30-day money back guarantee

Zhibit LLC will refund fully, no questions asked, any subscription payment for a period longer than one month when notified within 30 days of the date of the payment, whether made manually or through autopay. Payments for a single month of subscription are excluded from this guarantee and will not be refunded.

Rate freeze guarantee

Zhibit LLC reserves the right to modify or discontinue subscription plans. You are however guaranteed that your rate will never increase as long as you stay on a particular plan, even if that plan is discontinued. Nevertheless, if you switch from a discontinued plan, you may not be able to switch back to it.

Subscription plans that are free of charge are excluded from the rate freeze guarantee and Zhibit LLC reserves the right to discontinue them, or modify their feature set, at any time.

Refund policy

Zhibit LLC cannot provide refunds for unused portions of subscription periods. However, when you switch between subscription plans, any unused time is prorated and credited to your account's balance, which may be used towards any of Zhibit.biz's services (including other subscription plans).

If you believe your situation warrants special consideration please contact us and explain your reasons. In justified cases we will issue you a prorated refund within no more than 14 days of your request.

Free and unlimited trial mode

Trial mode is our way of allowing you to preview Zhibit.biz's features without committing to a subscription plan. In trial mode, all features of Zhibit.biz (regardless of your current subscription plan) are available to you when viewing your own website. Note that public visitors always see only those features that are supported by your current plan, irrespective of trial mode.

You may go on and off trial mode as often as you wish, anytime, free of charge.

Domain registration not included

Zhibit LLC is not a registrar of domain names and subscription to Zhibit.biz does not include domain name registration. If you choose to link a private domain to your website on Zhibit.biz, you will have to register that domain separately at additional cost.
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