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Linking a PayPal merchant account

Selling on requires three simple steps:

Step 1: Link your PayPal merchant account with

Step 2: Upload or mass upload the items you want to sell to one or more of your galleries. You may have done so already.

Step 3: Price and stock the items you want to offer for sale using the inventory manager or via the edit screen of each item. You can enter the edit screen of the item by searching for it or by browsing your galleries. You may also price and stock your items during the original upload process.

Items that are priced and have a positive inventory automatically display a Buy now or an Add to cart button that takes buyers to PayPal where they are able to effect payment directly to you. On completion of the transaction, you and the buyer will receive a notification by email from both PayPal and and it will then be up to you to ship the items to the buyer.

Advanced sellers may want to take advantage of price formulas. These allow you to define a price structure that can be attached to several items at once. Changes to the formula then automatically affect all related items.
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