Professional artist, Web Designer, Printmaker, Art Organizer, and Educator

Shandel has been an artist most of her life. She began painting professionally in the mid-seventies when she was in her early twenties.  If you are interested in seeing her artwork and her website, please visit:


Shandel began designing her own do-it-yourself websites in the mid-2000's.  She initially worked with a web designer who used "html" to create a site for her.  Unfortunately, she quickly discovered that she couldn't wait the three to four weeks for her webmaster to update her website.

So, out of sheer desperation, she began to look for a site she could develop and control to meet her needs.

2007: Shandel created her first website using an Intuit website development program. The site was clunky and stiff, but it worked.  Shandel bought the domain name Golem Art after the subject of her Master's Thesis.

2009: Shandel moved to to create a new website.  She was excited by the fluidity she saw in the website templates.

2009-Present: Shandel developed approximately 50 - 75 websites for artists.  While improved the services for its customers, Shandel learned to manipulate and create more and more complex websites using the site as a basis.


1996: Shandel was introduced to the new reproductive medium called "Giclee" Printing.

1996 - 1999: Giclee printing became known in Art Communities in major cities, replacing older lithograph reproductive arts.  As computers grew . . . so too did the new era of desktop printing.  That's if you could call a six to eight foot printer desktop.

2000: Shandel began working with two San Diego Giclee Printmakers who willingly  answered her numerous questions concerning the giclee printing process. 

2005:Shandel began printing her own Limited Edition Giclee prints using an Epson 1800 printer and pigmented inks.

2007: Shandel experimented with continuous flow inks printing on an Epson 1900 printer with pigmented inks.

2010: Shandel decided to transition to a Canon Pixma Pro-9000 wide- format printer using dye inks. 

2016 - Present, Shandel produced and continues to  produce colorful prints using the Canon Pixma Pro-100 printer with dye colorfast inks.

Today, Shandel remains committed to working closely with artists to ensure that the images produced are what the artists want.

At Golem Art BIz we carry a selection of papers and canvases. We also carry several  photographic papers for photographers.

As a small fine-art printer, Golem Art Biz produces Limited Edition Giclee Prints that will stand up against any large scale operation but with a more personal touch. 

If you are interested in reproduction prints, we hope you will consider using Golem Art Biz for your giclees and photographs.


In the early 2000's, Shandel joined the Board of the La Jolla Art Association in San Diego, California.  By 2005, she was the President of the organization and was instrumental in the group's transition from a subsidized art gallery to a commercial gallery which continues to operate.

2006: Shandel became the Art Coordinator for Mission Trails Regional Park.  There she established the jurying and exhibition program that continues today.

2011: Shandel moved with her family to Central Oregon and again took on the mantle of Art Organizer in the Redmond Oregon Public Library.

Today, she sits on the Board of two art and literacy non-profits and continues her work as an Art Organizer in Central Oregon.

Shandel's Art Organizer resume is available upon request through our "Contact" page.


Shandel regularly works to educate members of the Art Community. 

From printing giclees and photographs, to designing business cards, to creating artist-specific websites, Shandel brings out the best in both new and seasoned artists.
  • Websites for Artists by an Artist
  • Domain name assistance
  • Business cards
  • Promotional postcards and fliers
  • Tutorials on how to create a logo or obtain a QR code
  • Assistance in on-line show entries
  • Handouts on Basic Image Editing, Giclees and more
Whatever your needs, Golem Art Biz is ready with multiple options to help you grow and find your place in any Art Community.

For additional information, use our "Contact" page to schedule an appointment or  to ask art-related questions. 

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