Image Capture:

At Golem Art Biz we use either a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ 70 camera or a Epson scanner to capture your image. We are always willing to use your own images for your website and printing needs.  The image capture are all initially edited for size and resolution.

Color Correction:

The process of Color Correction involves a relationship between the artist and the printmaker.  Once the image has been captured, the artist and the printmaker work together to arrive at an image that the artist is happy with.

The image is then printed as a proof for the artist to approve.  Once that is complete, the final print or prints can be produced.

At Golem Art Biz we keep a copy in four sizes and two formats for each image, for each artist.  We do this to ensure that the artist has several versions of their image available to them. 

Finally, we use Carbonite to ensure that all images are available in cloud storage.

GABiz Hourly Prices: $15.00 per hour.


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