Websites are an interesting thing.  Most do not generate sales directly from the site.

So why go to all the bother?

Because Websites generate interest in you, your artwork, your organization or your gallery.
  • A website for individual artists may not generate lots of sales, but it does represent a place where you can show the world what you've been producing as an artist.  It conveys to prospective buyers that you are a serious artist and your art is worth purchasing.
  • A group website tells prospective members all about the organization.  Organizational websites are the face your group presents to the world. These websites should be inviting to all, especially those who are considering membership. They should also show prospective members the advantages of joining the organization.
  • Art Gallery websites are there to sell art.  They are meant to bring prospective buyers in to see the amazing artists represented.  These sites should be professional but with a hint of accessibility.
Golem Art Biz uses as a web design program.  As a do-it-yourself website, is one of the best! 

So, if it's a do-it-yourself website program, why do you need Golem Art Biz? 

The answer, is simple.  Having a program to create a website does not necessarily guarantee you a good website . . . let alone a great one!  By using Golem Art Biz to design your website, you will have someone working for you who has over ten years of experience working with Zhibit's website program.  You will have someone who works to make your site the website you want it to be. 

Rather than hire a company who will charge you hundreds of dollars for a site you cannot update, GABiz charges: $12.50 per hour and the cost of your site will be significantly less than other website designers.

Golem Art Biz and Shandel Gamer's history with website design:

2005: After working with a web designer who used "html" to create a site for her, Shandel decided to find a do-it-yourself website program.  

2007: Shandel created her first website using an Intuit website development program. The site was clunky and stiff, but it worked.  

2009: Shandel moved to to create a new website. 

2009-2021: Shandel developed approximately 50 - 75 websites for artists. 


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