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Zozo's Fresh Juice

Business directory :: Zozo's Fresh Juice

Freshly juiced Fruits and Vegetables and Thick Almond Milk. Slow Juice Process made on site. At the Westwood, Hermosa Beach and West Los Angeles Farmer's Markets.

Zozo's Fresh Juice


Zozo's Fresh Juice 
Rejuvenation in a cup! Zozo's Fresh Juice uses the Hurom Juicer, extracting the most beneficial nutrients from fresh fruit and vegetables. This slow masticating electric juicer has a unique low-speed mechanism to process foods extremely efficiently. By extracting the juice instead of grinding the juice (like other juicers) it provides 35% more juice and maintains up to 60% more vitamins when juicing certain fruits and vegetables, and won’t aerate the juice. It is also low on waste and electrical draw.


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The HUROM® Juicers Most other juicers use a powerful high-speed motor (also known as “centrifugal” juicers) so that they rotate blades like a blender or a grater really fast. It’s like taking an apple and grating it on a cheese grater 10,000 times per minute. The problem with this is that you get very little juice and there’s a lot of damage to the food (oxidation, discoloration, loss of nutrients and enzymes).
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