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Community and network

Features and benefits :: Community and network

Zhibit LLC's community encourages the growth and development of your business by facilitating communication with other businesses and with your customers. Reaching out to the community is the best way to increase awareness of your business, collect valuable feedback and expand your network and customer base.

Social sharing

Websites hosted on integrate with Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and AddThis to facilitate the saving, tagging and sharing of your web pages.


Blogs are the web's version of diaries and are a great way of sharing your thoughts with the community. Write about an upcoming show, about a recent event you attended or about whatever moves you that day. It's up to you.

Email distribution list (guestbook)'s guestbook manages your mailing list in accordance with industry norms and the CAN-SPAM act of 2003, including subscription management (opt-in/out), delivery verification and bounce control. In addition,'s recognized mailer status means that less of your email will end up in your addressees spam inbox or get blocked by email service providers.'s automatic newsletter let registered guests opt in to receive automatic updates by email whenever you update your site, with bulletins complementing this functionality by allowing you to proactively send your guests special time-sensitive messages.

Comments and feedback

Comments are very useful for collecting short, on-the-go feedback from visitors who often don't wish to send a complete message by email.

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