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Website builder and hosting

Features and benefits :: Website builder and hosting

With's website hosting platform, you get your website up and running in minutes by simply filling in a few forms and uploading images. And it's just as easy to maintain that website over time as new content is added or old content is removed.'s self-administered, fully-hosted solution has the advantages of lower costs and greater control to you.

Private webspace

Your website on is a private space where you can display your products and services without annoying banners or ads. By all appearances this space looks like your own branded website with only minimal indication that it is hosted on, making it suitable to be your primary online presence.

Professionally designed themes and color schemes

Personalize your website by choosing from professionally designed arrays of themes and color schemes or do it yourself and choose your own colors, fonts and backgrounds.

Mobile-friendly design

The responsive mobile-friendly design ensures your website looks great on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Easy to use editing tools

Let's simple user interface guide you through the process of creating your website. Upload images of your items and arrange them in galleries, describe your business, enter your contact info and get your basic website up and running in minutes, all with a click of the mouse and no HTML coding.

Fully hosted solution, runs from your browser is fully hosted which means there is no equipment to buy and no software to install. Create and manage your website straight from within your Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari browser.

Up to 20,000 MB of storage space

With storage space of up to 20,000 MB, your site can store and display thousands of images and pages.

Copyright protection

While no method can fully guarantee that your images will not be copied or duplicated, employs various technical means to protect your copyright and prevent visitors from easily making copies of the images you upload to the site.

In addition, you can choose to superimpose a "COPYRIGHT" watermark on your images, prevent search engines from indexing and archiving the images, and limit access to only lower-resolution versions of the images. A copyright notice is always displayed on each of your website pages.

Domain aliasing

When you connect a privately owned domain name to you designate our systems to serve as your web server. When visitors navigate their browser to your domain,'s servers respond while obscuring's domain name from the address bar of the visitor's browser, effectively making it look like it's your own private website.

Domain name registration is not included with subscription and must be purchased separately.


Link to videos on YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo and have them play right inside your website.

Download center

The download center is like an online folder where you can store files of any kind and share them with the visitors of your website.

White label

Remove all mention of's brand from your website and make it look 100% branded to you.

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