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Powerful technology

Features and benefits :: Powerful technology's robust technology stack guarantees the highest levels of reliability, availability, security and performance for your website.

99.9% uptime leverages high-end enterprise software technologies to provide unparalleled levels of availability to your website.

Uptime statistics are based on historical data and do not constitute a future guarantee nor an SLA.

Lightning fast rendering

A slow website makes you look unprofessional and can cost you customers.'s performace is at the 95th percentiles of all global websites, which means that all sites hosted on's platform, including yours, are served faster than 95% of all other websites.

Comparative performance information is based on data collected and reported by Alexa.

Ultra broadband's network is connected to the world's largest backbone providers ensuring responsive and reliable connectivity regardless of where your audience resides.

Unlimited data transfer

Whether your site is visited by one or one hundred people a day, unlimited data transfer is included with all subscription plans.

Spam fighting measures employs innovative techniques intended to reduce the chance that spammers will get a hold of your personal information or graffiti your website. Some of these techniques, such as the CAPTCHA, are visible, while others operate behind the scenes.

Daily backups is backed up daily in case of unforseen major problems. That being said, accounts cannot be restored on an individual basis and you are advised to back up your own data.

Browser compatibility

We strive to make available on all major browsers and operationg systems. has been thoroughly tested on Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari and Google Chrome; and works on both Windows, Mac OS and the iPhone.

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