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DIY wedding floral decoration project

You Could Greatly Save Wedding Budget 

Are you planning to get married shortly ? Are you trying to minimize the budget for your wedding floral decorations ? Do you like flowers and have interest in earning skills of floral arranging ? If your answer to above questions is Yes, the information in this page MAY attract you.

Once in a while, California Flower Art Academy is approached by prospective students who are getting married shortly and would like to challenge the DIY project for making wedding floral decorations by themselves. Quite frankly speaking it is a tough job to implement DIY job for making wedding floral arrangements for their own wedding because couples are usually busy for preparing a wedding party and ceremony on the day of wedding.

Nevertheless, some people would like to challenge this DIY project in order to minimize the budget of wedding floral decorations. It looks like many couples engaged in this project are helped by their family members so that the project can be done smoothly with minimal energy. Therefore when a future bride takes lessons to learn wedding floral arrangements at California Flower Art Academy, we can find not only a future bride but also a future groom as well as their parents/relatives/friends taking lessons together.

The most ideal scenario for this kind of project is that a couple loves flowers and also have interest in doing floral business in the future because they MAY have business opportunities of doing floral business after earning skills of floral arranging. After their own wedding is over, if they are interested in offering wedding floral decorations to their family member(s), relative(s) or friends who are getting married, they MIGHT make the best use of their flower arranging skills no matter whether they charge flower decoration fee or not.

In order to earn practical skills of wedding floral arrangements, they need to follow the under mentioned steps:

1. Earn basic skills of European floral designs (by joining Fresh Flower Arrangement Elementary Course)
2. Earn wedding flower arranging basic skills (by joining Wedding Party Arrangement Basic Course).
IF THE SITUATION ALLOWS, it is ideal to complete following courses as well:
3. Earn wedding ceremony floral design skills (by joining Wedding Ceremony Arrangement Course)
4. Earning advanced skills of wedding arrangement (by joining Wedding Floral Decoration Advanced Course).

Since  wedding floral decorations require various types of designs, learning wedding flower arrangements definitely helps enhance their flower arranging skills and also expand the portfolio of floral designs which will help their future floral business (if they engage in running a floral shop or work for a florist in the future).

Sometimes some people would like to learn wedding flower designs for expanding the portfolio of their floral arrangements in spite they have no planning to engage in wedding floral business. If you are interested in learning wedding floral arrangements no matter what kind of goal you have in your mind, please contact We help you make a difference in floral art.


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If you are looking for reliable floral design instructors or flower arranging classes that offer quality lessons with cheap, inexpensive and affordable tuition, why not join California Flower Art Academy who is certified by Flower Decorators Association (Tokyo, Japan). We help you earn practical floral design skills by way of hands on training of ONE ON ONE instructions (semi private lessons). We have classrooms in Silicon Valley (San Jose, Santa Clara County) and also in the San Francisco Bay Area (Burlingame, San Mateo County). If you live in this area you can easily commute to and from our school. We help you earn practical skills from European floral designs to Japanese Ikebana, wedding to funeral decorations and short seminar to official courses.

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